What are health practitioners looking for in private practice?

With extensive experience in conducting interviews, managing clinics, and operating a private practice, I’ve identified key factors that successful practitioners seek in a private practice environment. My observations have informed our approach to managing practitioners at Limbr. Here are my four main findings about what top practitioners value in a private practice:

  1. Professional development: In interviews, we often get asked “What development opportunities does Limbr offer?” We are thrilled when we get asked this question because we believe that asking this question demonstrates a practitioner’s commitment to learning and professional growth, two key values we look for in our practitioners. At Limbr, we offer a variety of professional development opportunities for our practitioners. We conduct monthly professional development sessions covering a broad spectrum of topics, featuring guest speakers from industry experts. Additionally, we provide personalised mentoring from our experienced practitioners to assist individuals in refining specific skills within their professional practice, which they wish to address.
  2. Collaborative environment: We often get a lot of practitioners who are looking for a workplace beyond ‘just a treatment room’. It is also common for us to hear “I want to be amongst other health professionals”. We recognise that this is important not only for practitioners, but it has a strong correlation to the clinical outcomes that can be achieved when working in a collaborative environment. This is why at Limbr, we have created a multi-disciplinary team and will continue to work with the wider health community to ensure our clients receive the highest standard of care. You will often see our practitioners getting together to discuss cases, learn from one another, and provide treatment swaps. We also have a large emphasis on internal referrals. Our team ensure that each client is getting the highest standard of care and progressing and if that means referring to another practitioner or service within our team, they will do this.
  3. Physical clinic: Who wouldn’t want to work in a clinic that is not only visually appealing but also highly functional and well-equipped? When we have a candidate arrive for an interview the first thing they often say is “Wow, it’s such a beautiful and big space”. As an owner of Limbr, I can confirm that every aspect of the clinic, from the choice of colour schemes to the dimensions of treatment rooms, and even the equipment for our Pilates studio and gym, has been meticulously planned to ensure a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for both clients and staff. Our goal was to create a space where everyone feels comfortable and excited to be.
  4. Remuneration: Money, money, money because it’s all fun and games until the dreaded question “What is your expectation around remuneration?” gets asked. We understand it’s often an awkward question but it’s a necessary question to ensure expectations are met and practitioners feel valued for their work. We work with our practitioners to achieve an agreement where both parties are happy. Whether it is a progression in percentage increase as a subcontractor, a bonus incentive or a structured KPI arrangement. We recognise everyone is motivated differently and want to ensure we can provide you practitioners with an arrangement that keeps them performing at their best.


Tip: when going for an interview be prepared with a range you would like to be paid. It shows you know your worth and have done your research. Don’t settle for less than you should.

At Limbr, we recognise the importance of the above and we will continue to provide practitioners with an environment they can thrive in. Our commitment to provide the highest standard of care to our clients starts with our practitioners. Therefore, we will forever ensure we look after our practitioners.