Limbr - Ashleigh Kaye Ryan

Ashleigh Kaye Ryan

Osteopath, Clinical Pilates

Ash started her career working as a sports trainer in the VAFA and Senior Private School football clubs. Her passion for acute injury management and rehabilitation lead her into Osteopathic Medicine after majoring in Exercise Sport Science in her first degree. Ash had the pleasure of being selected to work in India for a month in her 5th year of Osteo treating pre and post operative clients. Since then, she has worked at numerous clinics to gather a complete understanding of different clientele and their needs which has lead her to some favourite treatment areas.

She has particular passion in working with clients who have suffered from chronic pain conditions such as POTS, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue to gently ease them back into movement that doesn’t fatigue them or induce injuries. She also works closely with pre and post natal women to ensure they have a healthy, pain free pregnancy and are able to return to normal activities as soon as possible after birth. Ash also thoroughly enjoys treating the young and elderly populations.

Ash is extremely holistic! You won’t leave your first consultation without Ash knowing everything about who you are, how your body functions systemically and physically, as well as determining your goals for attending Limbr.

Outside of work, Ash loves adventure. She water skis through summer and snow skis through winter. She has just finished fitting out a camper van with her fiancè because she loves to travel and get in the outdoors!

Ash is currently on maternity leave and will be returning to the clinic in mid 2024.

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