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Sarah Meade


Sarah is an enthusiastic and caring osteopath that wants to help you to be the best version of yourself.

Sarah works in conjunction with her patients to achieve the best health outcomes. This is achieved through her customised approach which involves understanding each patient’s personal goals, lifestyle and health story. In the treatment room, she uses a hands-on approach to help alleviate pain whilst also giving you an action plan on how to move forward and also avoid the possibility of future injuries.

To put it simply, Sarah loves osteopathy because she loves helping people.

Sarah is particularly interested in exercise rehabilitation and wants her patients to feel empowered by movement and their capabilities. She enjoys treating patients from all ages and walks of life; previously, Sarah completed additional geriatric training. Sarah is passionate about improving the quality of life at all ages. She is also currently undergoing further studies in clinical pilates which she will be using at Limbr in the near future!

Sarah loves to be by the beach for a swim, surf and sunshine outside of work. Throughout the week she loves to be active with the gym and pilates. To unwind, Sarah loves a coffee and walk with her girlfriends along the tan and a glass of wine on a Saturday night!

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