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Karl Trounson

Strength & conditioning

Karl is an ASCA level 2 strength and conditioning coach who is currently completing his PhD in biomechanics. He has worked in professional sports for the past six years, having most recently spent two years in the US with the Brooklyn Nets in the NBA. Karl is also the current strength and conditioning coach for the Australian Boomers.

While the training demands of professional athletes are unique; Karl believes that a key hallmark of good practitioners is the ability to suitably manipulate exercises and training loads to facilitate improvements in clients with a diverse set of goals. Karl has demonstrated good outcomes for both rehab and performance-based clients through the application of sound sport science principles, alongside ongoing client feedback. You can expect collaborative problem-solving and information exchange in sessions with Karl as you bring your personal experience and understanding of your body to complement Karl’s practical and theoretical strength and conditioning knowledge. This shared knowledge space, Karl believes, is the sweet spot for game planning and maximizing positive outcomes.

Whatever your physical goals, Karl can help you along your journey towards achieving them.

When not working or studying on his PhD, Karl is either swimming in the ocean, watching true crime, or grabbing coffee/beer with friends.

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